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interface_view::_SectionText Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A class that populates a Text interface section.

@ivar attr_model: Data model for text attributes.
@type attr_model: gtk.ListStore
@ivar offset_spin: Offset spinner.
@type offset_spin: gtk.SpinButton
@ivar text_view: Text view of provided text.
@type text_view: gtk.TextView
@ivar text_buffer: Text buffer of provided text.
@type text_buffer: gtk.TextBuffer
@ivar toggle_defaults: Toggle button for viewing default text attributes.
@type toggle_defaults: gtk.CheckButton
@ivar label_start: Label for current attributes start offset.
@type label_start: gtk.Label
@ivar label_end: Label for current attributes end offset.
@type label_end: gtk.Label
@ivar _text_insert_handler: Handler ID for text insert events.
@type _text_insert_handler: integer
@ivar _text_delete_handler: Handler ID for text delete events.
@type _text_delete_handler: integer
@ivar outgoing_calls: Cached outgoing calls to avoid circular event 
@type outgoing_calls: dictionary

Definition at line 1186 of file interface_view.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def clearUI
def disable
def enable
def init
def popTextAttr
def populateUI
def registerEventListener

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string interface_name = 'Text'

Private Member Functions

def _accEventText
def _attrStringToDict
def _onDefaultsToggled
def _onITextDelete
def _onITextInsert
def _onTextCursorMove
def _onTextFocusChanged
def _onTextMarkSet
def _onTextModified
def _onTextSpinnerChanged
def _onTextViewPressed

Private Attributes



class  CallCache

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