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event_monitor::EventMonitor Class Reference

Inherits accerciser::plugin::ViewportPlugin.

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Detailed Description

Class for the monitor viewer.

@ivar source_filter: Determines what events from what sources could be shown.
Either source_app and source_acc for selected applications and accessibles 
respectively. Or everything.
@type source_filter: string
@ivar main_xml: The main event monitor glade file.
@type main_xml: gtk.glade.XML
@ivar monitor_toggle: Toggle button for turining monitoring on and off.
@type monitor_toggle: gtk.ToggleButton
@ivar listen_list: List of at-spi events the monitor is currently listening
@type listen_list: list
@ivar event_queue: A queue to store events before they a flushe to the
text buffer.
@type event_queue: Queue.Queue
@ivar events_model: Data model of all at-spi event types.
@type events_model: gtk.TreeStore
@ivar textview_monitor: Text view of eent monitor.
@type textview_monitor: gtk.TextView
@ivar monitor_buffer: Text buffer for event monitor.
@type monitor_buffer: gtk.TextBuffer

Definition at line 27 of file event_monitor.py.

Public Member Functions

def init

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int COL_NAME = 0
int COL_TOGGLE = 2
 plugin_description = \
tuple plugin_name = N_('Event Monitor')
tuple plugin_name_localized = _(plugin_name)

Private Member Functions

def _appendChildren
def _createHyperlink
def _descendantsConsistent
def _eventFilter
def _getEnabledEvents
def _handleAccEvent
def _initTextView
def _initTreeView
def _insertEventIntoBuffer
def _iterToggle
def _onClear
def _onClearSelection
def _onFlushQueue
def _onHighlightEvent
def _onLinkClicked
def _onLinkKeyPress
def _onLinkMotion
def _onMonitorToggled
def _onSave
def _onSelectAll
def _onSourceToggled
def _onToggled
def _popEventsModel
def _resetClient
def _setAllDescendants
def _writeText

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