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accerciser::plugin::view::MultiViewModel Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for accerciser::plugin::view::MultiViewModel:

accerciser::plugin::view::BaseViewModel accerciser::tools::Tools

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Detailed Description

Manages all plugin views. Implements a gtk.ListStore of all views.
Persists plugin view placements across sessions.

@cvar COL_NAME: View name column ID.
@type COL_NAME: integer
@cvar COL_INSTANCE: View instance column ID.
@type COL_INSTANCE: integer

@ivar perm_views: List of permanent views.
@type perm_views: list of L{PluginView}
@ivar main_view: Main view.
@type main_view: L{PluginView}
@ivar _ignore_insertion: A list of tuples with view and plugin names that
should be ignored and not go in to gconf. This is to avoid recursive gconf
@type _ignore_insertion: list of tuples
@ivar _placement_cache: A cache of recently disabled plugins with their 
placement. allowsthem to be enabled in to the same position.
@type _placement_cache: dictionary
@ivar _closed: Indicator to stop writing plugin remove events to gconf.
@type _closed: boolean

Definition at line 651 of file view.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addElement
def addPlugin
def changeView
def close
def getViewedPlugins
def getViewNameForPlugin
def giveElementFocus
def initialView
def isMyApp
def Menu

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int COL_NAME = 0

Private Member Functions

def _connectSignals
def _getViewByName
def _getViewNames
def _getViewOrNewView
def _newView
def _onPluginDragEnd
def _onTabPopupMenu
def _onViewDelete
def _onViewLayoutChanged
def _removeView

Private Attributes



class  _Menu
class  _StoredViewsLayout

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