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accerciser::plugin::plugin_manager::PluginManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

@cvar COL_INSTANCE: Instance column ID.
@type COL_INSTANCE: integer
@cvar COL_CLASS: Class column ID.
@type COL_CLASS: integer
@cvar COL_PATH: Module path column ID.
@type COL_PATH: integer

@ivar node: Application's selected accessible node.
@type node: L{Node}
@ivar hotkey_manager: Application's hotkey manager.
@type hotkey_manager: L{HotkeyManager}
@ivar view_manager: Plugin view manager.
@type view_manager: L{ViewManager}
@ivar message_manager: Plugin message manager.
@type message_manager: L{MessageManager}

Definition at line 29 of file plugin_manager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def close
def isMyApp
def togglePlugin
def View

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

int COL_CLASS = 1
int COL_PATH = 2

Private Member Functions

def _disablePlugin
def _enablePlugin
def _getIterWithClass
def _getPluginFiles
def _getPluginLocals
def _loadPluginFile
def _loadPlugins
def _onModuleReloadRequest
def _onPluginReloadRequest
def _onPluginRowChanged
def _reloadPlugin

Private Attributes



class  _View

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