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accerciser::plugin::base_plugin::Plugin Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for accerciser::plugin::base_plugin::Plugin:

accerciser::tools::Tools accerciser::plugin::base_plugin::ViewportPlugin accerciser::plugin::base_plugin::ConsolePlugin

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Detailed Description

Base class for all plugins. It contains abstract methods for initializing 
and finalizing a plugin. It also holds a reference to the main L{Node} and
listens for 'accessible_changed' events on it.

@cvar plugin_name: Plugin name.
@type plugin_name: string
@cvar plugin_name_localized: Translated plugin name.
@type plugin_name_localized: string
@cvar plugin_description: Plugin description.
@type plugin_description: string
@cvar plugin_desc_localized: Translated plugin description.
@type plugin_desc_localized: string

@ivar global_hotkeys: A list of tuples containing hotkeys and callbacks.
@type global_hotkeys: list
@ivar node: An object with a reference to the currently selected 
accessible in the main  treeview.
@type node: L{Node}
@ivar acc: The curently selected accessible in the main treeview.
@type acc: L{Accessibility.Accessible}
@ivar _handler: The handler id for the L{Node}'s 'accessible_changed' signal
@type _handler: integer

Definition at line 19 of file base_plugin.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattribute__
def __init__
def close
def init
def isMyApp
def onAccChanged

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 plugin_desc_localized = None
 plugin_description = None
 plugin_name = None
 plugin_name_localized = None

Private Member Functions

def _close
def _onAccChanged

Private Attributes



class  _PluginMethodWrapper

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