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accerciser::accessible_treeview::AccessibleTreeView Class Reference

Inherits tools::Tools.

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Detailed Description

The treeview for the desktop's accessibles. The treeview's model (L{AccessibleModel}
is only populated when the treeview is traversed and nodes are expanded. This class
listens for 'row-expanded' events in order to have a tree node populated. Nodes that
are selected are updated into the L{Node} instance variable. This treeview also 
updates automatically in response to at-spi children change events.

@ivar desktop: The desktop accessible. It holds references to all the 
application L{Accessibility.Accessible}s
@type desktop: L{Accessibility.Accessible}
@ivar node: An object with a reference to the currently selected accessible.
@type node: L{Node}
@ivar model: The data model of this treeview.
@type model: L{AccessibleModel}

Definition at line 351 of file accessible_treeview.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def refreshSelected
def selectNodeAtPath

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _accCellDataFunc
def _accEventChildChanged
def _addChild
def _onAccChanged
def _onEndPop
def _onExpanded
def _onRowActivated
def _onRowFilled
def _onSelectionChanged
def _onStartPop
def _refreshChildren
def _refreshCurrentLevel
def _refreshIcon
def _refreshTopLevel
def _removeChild
def _selectExistingPath
def _selectFunc

Private Attributes


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